Question: What are the working hours and for which cities the service is provided?

Answer: You can reach us from Monday to Friday between 09.00 and 18:00. All services are available for Sofia

Question: How fast can I expect  the service to be executed?

Answer: Depending on the service, the vehicle could be serviced either in the same day (Annual Technical Checkup,  Carwash, Changing tires) or in a few days (Car maintanance activities).

Question: How can you gurantee that there won't be demages after service is completed?

Answer: Autoassist professional car assistants have proven track record and experience without any damages. In case of a proven damage due to personal assistant - we'll fix it on our own cost.

Question: How I can change or decline a booked service?

Answer: Up to 48 hours prior the appointment you can change or decline the selected service free of charge by sending us an email to info@autoassist.bg.

Question: What documents are needed for Annual technical checkup?

Answer: Required documents are:

  • Vehicle registration card - Part I and Part II (it could be also a copy for Part II)
  • A policy of valid Motor third party liability insurance
  • Gas system technical document for the current year (in case the vehicle has gas system)
  • Tax document for paid vehicle tax for the relevant year (up to March including the document from the previous year);

Question: What documents are needed for Insurance inspection?

Answer: Required documents are:

  • Vehicle registration card - Part I
  • Annual technical inspection document/card
  • Valid Motor third party liability insurance
  • Valid Motor casco insurance
  • Inspection report
  • Notarized Power of Attorney

Question: Can I choose the place where I want my car to be serviced?

Answer: Yes - you can. Autoassist choose car service vendors only in case you haven't pointed out one.